The Benefits


  1. Retrofit Cost Effectiveness

For many years, the only option to purify the water coming out of our hand pieces and hygiene appliances was to place a “magic” pill into the unit bottle filled with distilled water.  It required monthly deliveries AND storage of multiple five gallon water jugs.  The standard protocol for filling the dental/hygiene unit reservoir water bottle required our assistants to spend multiple hours per “YEAR” to properly service EACH and EVERY dental/hygiene unit. Annual cost per dental/hygiene unit is approximately $275.

Finally a carbon straw was developed (i.e. Sterisil) that could be placed in the water bottle (distilled water optional).  It will last for one year at a cost of approximately $250 for EACH unit.  The NanoPure™ water purification filter is installed directly after your city water line enters your dental/hygiene unit, NOT in the unit water bottle.  It not only eliminates all the bacteria and viruses found in city water, but will eliminate any bio-layer build-up within the unit and prevent any further bio-layer from forming in the dental tubing.  The NanoPure retrofit purification filter will last for a FULL two years at an approximate cost of $300 per dental/hygiene unit.  A TREMENDOUS savings over the current best seller.

  1. Whole Office Water Purification System

A whole office system is installed either before or after your water solenoid (see picture below).  If you have a sediment filter after the water solenoid, then I suggest the NanoPure water purification system be placed after the sediment filter.  The NanoPure purification system will purify ALL water to sinks, restrooms, fountains, etc., but NOT computerized sterilizers.  Long term, your hi-speed hand pieces and cavitrons will need less maintenance which adds up to LESS repair costs!

  1. Can I use the NanoPure water system for my computerized sterilizer?

Unfortunately NOT! The computerized sterilizers use water with less than 1 part per million content of natural minerals.  NanoPure™ removes BAD contaminants, heavy metals, pollutants, etc.,  BUT leaves all the “GOOD” minerals we all need in our daily lives.  (i.e. calcium, potassium, sodium, etc.).  Therefore, the computer in the sterilizer “reads” this as too high and will not run a cycle.  You need to run distilled water (0 minerals) in your sterilizer.


  1. Website Recognition

You will be able to place on your website for your patients  that you have the “BEST” NSF certified water in your dental office.  You have it because you “care” about the well being of every person who enters your office for dental treatment.

This is one more service you can offer your patients.  Remember, “before” you wore gloves, masks, etc.,  the dental industry was an open field for disease that was transferred from patient to patient until it was recognized for a needed change!  Water is similar to blood disease transfer. Don’t be the one that waits until it happens! SEE DENTAL NEWS BELOW.


  1. Will your NanoPure systems work at home?

Most definitely! 90% of dentists live in the same water authority district as their office.  In other words, you use the “SAME WATER.” NanoPure™ through Ultimate Pure Water™, Inc. offers a whole house, condo and apartment system for your dwelling as well.

Just a thought, but if we combine an office and home package with one payment for both?

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